Ah böwakawa poussé, poussé!Welcome to September, bitches! Do you think it's too long since we took the time? No one's to blame, I know time flies so quickly.

Don't look now, but I do believe it's officially game week. And no, I'm not talking about Thursday night's epic battle between the bottom half of the Saints' roster and the bottom half of the Titans' roster. Far as I'm concerned, as long as Patrick Ramsey and/or Chase Daniel(s) can avoid being run over by a mascot in a golf cart, we're in the black. Hell, I suppose we're already in the black, being as the Saints' trip to Nashville isn't doubling as an evacuation. High five!

Apparently Drew Brees is making the trip, if only to sign a few books. Sean Payton is questionable, nobody's really sure whether or not they're gonna be able to drag him kicking and screaming from the Grand Ole Opry tour in time. Word on the street is that Jeff Fisher has been pulling some strings trying to get Kenny Chesney booked for Thursday night. Fisher, you wily bastard!

If Payton doesn't show because he's still trying to score one of Minnie Pearl's cornstraw stockings, we're hearing that head coaching duties will fall to Travis Jones Joe Vitt Greg McMahon Mac McClelland.

Vilma, Porter, Will Smith and Poochie may or may not make an appearance on the sideline in street clothes. Frogurt and some guy named Clint Ingram won't be in attendance either, which will surely send the throngs of fans hoping to score a Clint Ingram autograph into a blinding rage. Tough break there, Clint Ingram fans.

On the other hand, I suppose there's a decent chance that it ends up being another episode of the Chris Ivory and Adrian Arrington Show. Hey, I can think of worse ways to spend four hours. You get all the drama of anxiously awaiting another Reggie Bush Pierre Thomas Moment from Ivory, and all the comedy of Arrington returning some more punts. So, hey, we've got that going for us.

And I suppose there's always the whole "Chase Ramsey" thing. (Come on, Mickey. Put some elbow grease into your witty quips.)

Apparently a whole bunch of people give a shit about this. Go figure.

Hey, I'm all for having the best 53 guys on the roster and all. But, for crying out loud, we're talking about Joey Harrington and Tyler Palko here. Again. I mean, it's not like we're talking about Jim Mora letting Mike Buck get away or anything.

Keep one, cut the other. Keep both. Cut both and let Reggie Pierre Chris Ivory run the fuckin' Wildcat, should the unspeakable happen. It really doesn't matter. Neither of these guys really merit the kind of intense rah-rah they've been getting here lately. Oh sure, maybe in a "better than Mark Brunell" context, I guess. But that's one hell of a curve.

This just in: Chase Daniel(s) is not the heir apparent to Drew Brees. It's still far too soon for that. Patrick Ramsey isn't leading this team to jack shit, short term or long term. They're both just guys. They're not Paul. Hell, they're not even Ringo. We're talking about Pete Best vs. Stuart Sutcliffe here.

The third quarterback is by far the most inconsequential spot on the roster. Quick, tell me the last time you witnessed a team suffer injuries to both their starting and backup quarterback in the same game. Oh, you've got one? Well, you win this round, asshole. Now tell me, did the third quarterback win the game? Oh, he did? Nice. Did it really matter in the grand scheme of things?

The Saints should stay ahead of the curve here and again only carry two. Which (other) one? Doesn't fucking matter. Daniel was an undrafted free agent, and has been waived about ten times already. Ramsey is a nine year journeyman. Oh, I'm sure there are about 31 other GMs just licking their chops waiting for one of these guys to be waived. Because this time is different. Or something. But, assuming for a second that that's actually true, so what?

People continue to insist that Pierre Thomases can just be plucked from random street corners, but they're freaking out over Chase Daniel and Patrick Ramsey? Really?

In other news, that warm breeze you felt was thousands of Saints fans all gently blowing on Vilma's groin. Apparently, it helped. High five!

Bullet dodged. Or so we hope. Then again, Marvin Mitchell is the Chase Daniel(s) of middle linebackers, right? RIGHT? So hey, as long as the Saints don't cut Marvin, everything's fine. Yeah, that's it.

Just checkin' here. We all still have a firm grasp on the truth of the matter, right? That this team will go as far as Drew Brees carries them? As always?

They might have been known as the Fab Four, but everybody knows that it really was John and Three Other Guys. Right? And that seems to have worked out mighty fine. Quick, four words that rhyme with allegory!

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