That right there was some goooood Manning Face.

Surely I wasn't the only one being barraged with eye-rolls right around the first half two-minute warning over facetiously pointing out "Hey, the Saints are on pace for 62!" Ha! That'll teach 'em. Bet they'll think twice next time they scoff at my declaration of an impending sixtyburger! I'd say that now would be a good time to go ahead and remind ourselves that the Colts blow, but the media has been reminding us of that every few seconds since sometime around the middle of the first quarter.

They're right though. The Colts not only blow, they also laid down. Credit to the Saints of course for making it easy for them by bending them over in the first place. But as Collinsworth pointed out several times during the game, the Colts' issues clearly go way beyond the absence of Peyton and his face. And if they hadn't already checked out for the season, they damn sure checked out for about 50 minutes Sunday night. This game was the very definition of an outlier.

And I'm trying to cut back on my "flip-flopping" so I'm gonna have to go ahead and refrain from re-declaring the Saints a juggernaut and insisting that Sunday night put to rest all the issues the Tampa game brought to the fore.

On the other hand, maybe Sunday night did in fact offer the definitive answer to the single biggest issue that's been holding the Saints back. After all, Message Board Guy has been trying to tell us for months if not years that if the Saints would just run the ball 50+% of the time, the 55-point margins of victory would start rolling in with regularity.

And, by golly, I'll be damned if 38 running plays and 37 passing plays didn't result in a 62-7 victory. Science! High five, Message Board Guy! I'll never doubt you again. Let's just hope Sean Payton finally saw the light too. Or alternatively, let's hope Pete Carmichael's headset mysteriously quits working right around kickoff on a weekly basis, am I right?

Still, grain of salt or no, it was one hell of a satisfying way to spend a Sunday night. Nothing like a beatdown of historic proportions to wash away the bad taste the Tampa game left in our mouths. And witnessing once-in-a-lifetime kinds of things (of the positive variety, anyway) is always fun. For the first time since various moments during that 13-0 start in 2009, we caught a glimpse of the Saints looking downright invincible. Drew was shitting gold, the tailbacks were gaining yards in chunks, the defense wasn't completely helpless. Everything was coming up Milhouse. Doesn't get a whole lot more pleasant than that.

The Mercedes-Benz Superdome was looking mighty fine too, by the way. I defy anyone to name an NFL stadium that looks more badass at night these days. Coulda done without the pinkwashing (and it took me a while to figure out that was what was going on) but thankfully that shouldn't be an issue again until this time next year. Meantime, it managed to look pretty freakin' badass anyway. The only things missing were the smoke machines and Styx ROCKING YOUR FACE OFF with Come Sail Away.


4 games, 5 touches, 3 touchdowns. Boing! REG-GIE! REG-GIE! REG-GIE!

I'm sure jeffrey will be updating us on all the incredibly amusing Reggie vs. The World stat comparisons later this week. Meantime, I'm not so sure Reggie vs. Sproles comparisons are all that relevant anymore. Sproles is up 34-7 at halftime and that's well on its way to a 62-7 style romp. I'd say that Jed would be a good candidate once Sproles sits his starters, but that's turning into a bit of a rout its own self. Say, here's an idea. How about Reggie vs. Leigh Torrence? Hey, they're all tied up at 1 touchdown a piece!

In fairness to Reggie though, his team does suck balls. Don't take my word for it, just ask him. Welp, it's been fun Miami.

Meantime, you know it's the Saints' night when they only get flagged once for 10 yards. And Jed, wily bastard that he is, got it hung on Jahri Evans as he walked away glancing randomly about and whistling inconspicuously.

Mark Ingram is thiiiiis close. Pending that bruised heel, that is. He looked downright Dulymusesque Sunday night. Wait for it… wait for it… it's coming. Any day now.

By golly, we even had a chance to get re-acquainted with Mean Joe Screen. More please.

And how about Brian de la Puente?!? Skreu you, Olin. I don't really have a dog in the hunt as far as the issue of whether Kreutz was "classy" to bail altogether rather than "just collecting the checks" or whether he "quit on his team like an asshole" in a huff over having been benched. All I know is that either way suits me just fine. I'm just glad Sean Payton got over the whole Olin Kreutz Experience with adequate quickness. And if it was Kreutz who added the finality to it, well then thanks Olin. Way to do something helpful.

As glorious as it was though, it wasn't all sunshine and lollipops. Far be it from me to nitpick a 62-7 win, but allow me to nitpick this here 62-7 win.

Drew threw at least two interceptions that didn't happen almost exclusively due to the incompetence of the opponent. Just sayin'.

And, sue me, but this defense still gives me irritable bowel syndrome.

Oh sure, the Colts offense is terrible, but not that terrible, right? The defense held them to 252 yards of total offense, 97 net yards passing, 4 of 11 on 3rd down, and 7 points. All well below their previous averages. Reggie Wayne, 3 for 36. Pierre Garcon, 3 for 31. Dallas Clark, nothing for nothing. And they "created" THREE TAKEAWAYS!!! Hell, the defense even contributed a touchdown!

All those things are nice and all. But let's not get carried away here with the Saints' newfound ball-hawking skillz.

The first fumble was pretty much completely due to the incompetence of the opponent. If you're gonna credit anybody in black and gold for that "takeaway" it ought to be the crowd at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

The second fumble was a fluke, unless you believe Tom Johnson is capable of intentionally punching the ball out from behind the ball carrier while flying through the air in a prone position like fuckin' Superman or something. Full credit though to Cam Jordan for taking the ball away at the bottom of the pile from the Colt who clearly initially recovered it.

And full credit to Leigh Torrence for… uh, you know… actually catching the damn ball that Painter threw right at him. Hey, we're grading on the Saints Defense Curve here, after all. But aside from being the very definition of a "garbage stat" (up 55-7 in the 4th quarter) if you go back and watch the pass in slow-mo, you can literally see the speech bubble appear over Torrence's head… "Huh? Well, alrighty then. Thanks for the treat, stupid!"

The Saints still allowed the Colts to rush for 155 yards on 23 carries, 6.7 yards per.

60 yards above their average. Sans Joseph Addai. While down 31 before anybody even broke a sweat. That includes a 42 yarder by Delone Carter and a 24 yarder by Donald Brown. But hey, maybe the huge lead had the Saints selling out on the pass so as not to let Curtis Painter orchestrate a Comeback For The Ages on 'em through the air. Or something.

The Saints still managed only one solitary sack. Against Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky, for crying out loud.

But to be fair to the pass rush, according to PFF, they also posted 3 quarterback hits and 1 quarterback pressure. And the Colts only ran 23 passing plays. So they've got that going for 'em.

On the other hand, the Colts only ran 23 passing plays. While down by about a half a million points in the first half. That tells you about all you need to know about Jim Caldwell's confidence in his quarterback(s) and his offense in general, no? It also suggests that it might not have only been the guys in helmets who laid down early on and said "Please, just be gentle and I promise not to fight back."

Nick Saban would tell you that Caldwell's got "that brook trout look." Not that he didn't have that same look back in February 2010 as his team was preparing to attempt to win a Super Bowl. Hey, it's not like just anybody is capable of pulling off the Manning Face. But it's much worse these days. At this point, it's getting dangerously close to the Jim Haslett Blank Stare Of DOOOOM.

I'm just sayin'… 9 scores on your first 9 offensive possessions? High five! Punting for the first time up by 55 with about 3 minutes left in regulation? Feel free to do a little dance. Rushing for 236? Hell, why are you still wearing pants?!?

But holding the Fightin' Curtis Painters to 7? Meh. Nice job, I guess. Not sure I'm buyin' it yet.

How much you wanna bet though that it'll be the defense spewing the "swag" all over everybody's faces as they strut into the TWA Dome this weekend? Sigh.

I'm also more than a little taken aback by Sean Payton's postgame proclamations about how he used his extra down time this week as a result of the injury to "look inward" and determine that the Saints hadn't been playing up to their potential.

Well no shit, Sherlock.

And apparently there was some kind of speech last week during some team meeting or another, in which Payton hipped the team to that fact.

"Hey assholes, play better!"

"Oh, okay. Sure thing, Coach!"

Really? That's straight out of the Homer Simpson Big Book of Totally Effective Management Techniques. And we're to understand that it worked? Really? Was Payton wearing Tom Landry's hat at the time?

But hey, it wasn't so long ago when this kind of game would have been more along the lines of 31-28 as opposed to 62-7. So yeah, I'll take it.

Thanks for the all-timer, gentlemen. Rest assured that I'll take Sunday night to my grave. We all will. But…

This just in: It only counts for one.

And if Sean Payton hasn't yet hipped you to what comes after week 7, here's a hint. It ain't Lombardi Gras. Don't make me have to get Rebecca Black down there to teach you fellas about chronology, and the proper time in which to get down. It ain't no time soon, that's for damn sure.

"Hey assholes, keep doing that kind of stuff."

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