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You know, we’re LIVING IN A SOCIETY!

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled Saints-themed jackassery for the following announcement:

Richie Incognito is a punk. A fat, sadistic, worthless piece of shit. Just a miserable excuse for a human being. A disgrace to his species. A complete waste of skin. He is the very embodiment of everything that's disgusting and repulsive about sociopathic big dumb meathead jock "culture." In case I'm not being clear here… Fuck. This. Guy. Fuck him, fuck everything about him, fuck everybody like him, and fuck anybody who's idiot enough to defend him. There is no gray area with this shitbag. There is no nuance to this situation. No room for a devil's advocate or "yeah, but…" arguments or "agreeing to disagree" or downplaying the severity of the issues here. Assholes like this guy are just the absolute worst. He's not a "man." He's an abusive junior-high goon who never grew up.

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Dancin’ in the dark… to the radio of love…

Welp. I mean, of course wackiness was bound to ensue. Duh. It was inevitable. This! Is! New Orleans!

And of course, no matter how the aforementioned inevitable wackiness were to have manifested itself, you just knew that there would be an immediate chorus of put-upon media types wagging their fingers and screaming "Shame on NOLA!" What an absolute travesty! It's an outrage! Oh boo fuckin' hoo. The Legits are such bitches. And, as usual, their sense of entitlement and their general-purpose irritability have them looking at this thing all wrong. The blackout was without a doubt the single most awesome thing that happened during Super Bowl "Big Game" 47, and quite possibly the most fun thing that happened during whole damn two-week corporate orgy. It was a bona fide "for the ages" moment. To hell with who's "to blame." They ought to be trying to figure out who deserves the credit. Continue Reading…


This must happen.

Don't blame me, I voted for KodosYou’re probably already well aware of the fact that Pro Bowl voting is underway. While you’re there casting your ballots for Drew, Sharper, Shockey, Shanle, Porter, Greer, Nicks and (Jahri) Evans, I’d like to strongly suggest that you consider voting early and often for one other candidate…

Our old pal JaMarcus.

Do it. Come on, do it. If nothing else, do it for the sake of sweet, sweet farce. Tell me you wouldn’t be unbelievably amused. We must make this happen. If the site’s stated goal works (shaming the Raiders into replacing him permanently) you never know… maybe Carolina trades a pick for him. Oh sure, it’s a longshot prospect that I basically just pulled out of my ass. But admit it, the possibility intrigues you. Isn’t the mere thought of the Panthers being "led" by JaMarcus for the next 3-5 years worth an extra click? DO IT!!! Do it now!


10 CLS, 20 SOTO 10

Number one, indeed.We’ve warned you before that part of the price you pay for reading this here blog is occasionally having to put up with a post about something you don’t give a shit about.

This could very well be one of those times, because today, I feel like posting my MLB All Star ballot. And while I’m at it, I’d like to shamelessly hype Geovany Soto, Catcher for the Chicago Cubs and future NL Rookie of the Year.

It also gives me a chance to make a supid BASIC-themed pun. And that’s always big fun. I’ll start with the American League first, because I don’t really care about the AL. Continue Reading…


Gettin’ crazy with the Cheez-Whiz…

The secret ingredient is salt.How do you know that Jim Henderson is one cool cat? He was kind enough to not even ask for that 20 minutes of his life back.

Still not convinced? How about the fact that he’s saving his Cheez-Whiz story for the book? He’s happy to take a stab at a zen coan though.

Here we go:

jazzbo: First off, thanks for representing our team as the Voice of the Saints, and representin’ damned well, I might add. I don’t know if I can come up with a question you hadn’t heard yet, but I’d be interested in knowing which players you think deserve special attention during training camp/preseason. Who are those players you think are most likely to turn some heads during TC? Continue Reading…


Schadenfreude Fever: It’s FANtastic!

Hey, if they don't come here, they'll just end up going somewhere else. Right? Asshole.A certain Westbank-born, Jesuit High School-LSU educated, uptown bicycler made the impossible happen this morning: he made me give a crap about the Hornets’ playoff run. I hope he doesn’t mind my borrowing his topic and spewing forth a little rant of my own on the subject.

Firstly, let me just say that I don’t have anything at all against the Hornets. In fact, I wish them nothing but success. I think it’s great that they’re (back) in New Orleans, I’m glad they’re winning, I’m glad they’re packing the arena and are creating such excitement in the city. I’m glad Hornets fans are having such a great time, and I hope it continues for as long as possible.

It’s just that I don’t give a crap about basketball. I’ve tried, but I just don’t have it in me. Football is my first love. There are pictures of me from before I could walk with all manner of Saints and LSU merchandise. I was pretty much born and bred a Saints/LSU fan. Other sports didn’t come until later for me, when I gained unsupervised access to cable tee vee. Summers out of school, two working parents and day games on WGN turned me into a Cubs fan. Baseball became my second love. (Little league helped a lot too. When it came to participation, I actually preferred baseball to football, and I still do today.) Continue Reading…


Announcement: Kenny Wilkerson Tracker Launched

Stonewall in the house!As a public service to our fellow Saints fans on these here internets, moosedenied is proud to announce the launch of our brand spankin’ new Kenny Wilkerson’s Life Status Tracker.

It is our fervent hope that this page will serve to keep Saints fans up to date with the latest news on Kenny without having to go to the trouble of starting yet another thread on to ask.

We invite anyone starving for updated Kenny information to bookmark the page and refer back to it as often as needed. It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will be updated as events warrant.

In the meantime, we at moosedenied would like to wish Kenny all the best in his recovery from surgery, and would like to credit for the concept we blatantly stole.


Value: It’s… um… complicated and stuff

Loomis overpaid for this banana by three cents. :mad:One of the great things about being a sports fan, a message board guy, or Kenny Wilkerson, is that you get to talk out of your ass about things you really don’t know a whole hell of a lot about.

Even better, when you’re talking out of your ass about sports contracts, you can usually be pretty confident that whomever you’re talking to probably doesn’t know a whole hell of a lot about it either. So if you’re willing to speak in absolutes, present your opinions as facts, and can string together a few reasonably-coherent sentences, chances are you’ll come off like you know what you’re talking about.

But you don’t. Continue Reading…


Quick, somebody define ‘fun’

Sports Illustrated’s web site has posted a handful of pretty pictures cobbled together under the bullshit category of “Most Fun Athletes to Watch

Far be it from me to take issue with pretty pictures. The ones I like tend to require hacked passwords, but to each his own. At any rate, it’s the bullshit category I have an issue with. Most fun to watch, eh? Define ‘fun.’

 Let’s take a look:

Reggie BushReggie Bush
Hey, I’m a Saints fan. So I’m proud to say that I no longer hate Reggie’s guts. It’s anyone’s guess how long it will stay that way. But for now, he has my full endorsement, and I’m sure he’s thrilled about that.

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