I don't know about you, but I'd gotten pretty close to completely forgetting that all this free agency business works both ways.

Mazel tov to Jonathan Goodwin and Tony Hargrove for pulling an Asian Assassin and cashing in (or cashing out, as it were.) Good for them. By all accounts, a couple of really good guys who should and will be missed for who they are and what they've done for the team over the last few years. On the field though, I'm not sure that either departure is cause for concern, let alone freaking out. To the contrary, I'm actually pretty excited about it.

Oh don't get me wrong, it's not like I was hoping that these two guys would be moving on. I have no idea how hard Loomis tried to keep them, but the smart money is probably on "not very." I mean, this is Mickey Loomis we're talking about here.

Hargrove in particular, while not nearly as flashy as he was in 2009 when he posted 5 sacks and recovered a fumble for a touchdown, quietly was every bit as disruptive last year as Sedrick Ellis (with the exception of sacks) on a per-snap basis. In fact, with the exception of the sacks, Hargrove was pretty much the same guy in 2010 as he was in 2009. He just got far fewer snaps. I suppose it's anyone's guess as to why Hargrove's playing time took such a sharp decline last year.

But this year, the Saints have been making a concerted effort to get bigger on the defensive line, especially inside at defensive tackle. Hargrove was always a bit light and lanky for a DT, and the Saints never did seem all that interested in Hargrove as a defensive end, which is what he was before he got here and apparently what he wants to go back to. So while he was one hell of a "complementary player" here for two years, the fit has never really been quite right. He never really settled into a defined position or role here, and it's unlikely that that situation was ever really gonna resolve itself.

Chances are his number of snaps was just gonna continue to decrease this year, had he stayed. So while I'll miss him and wish him the best in Philly, I can't bring myself to get too worked up about it. I can't imagine his absence is gonna make much difference on the field going forward. Hey, we'll always have 2009. High five!

The bigger situation is at center, with Jonathan Goodwin signing a 3-year, $10.9MM deal with San Francisco. This is the one that's got people freaking out about a little bit. After all, protecting Drew is Job One, and Goodwin was a Pro Bowler last year. All indications so far are that Matt Tennant now becomes the starter, a 2010 5th round draft pick who only took 15 mop-up snaps last year as a rookie. Oh shit.

Sorry to go all contrarian on you here, but not only am I not the least bit worried, I'm actually pretty excited about this one.

It's not that I didn't like Goodwin, because I did. It's not that I'd have had any problem at all with the Saints bringing him back, because I wouldn't have. But it's easy to see why they didn't.

$10.9MM over 3 years. For a guy who's going into his 10th year and will be 33 in December. Fuck that. Back away slowly.

Now might be a good time to pause for a second and remind ourselves how much ass the Saints have been kicking the last few years at drafting interior offensive linemen. I mean, we've all known since last April that Tennant was our Dream Center Of The Future anyway. Might as well go ahead and get the future started.

Hey, we're not exactly talking about some chump here. He might have been a 5th round pick, but he was also the consensus second best center in the draft last year. He's big, strong, athletic, super smart (by all accounts) and was a man among boys at a mid-major college program. Oh sure, Boston College isn't exactly Alabama, but it's not exactly Bloomsburg or Hofstra either.

He's got long arms, big hands and quick feet. And if you take Chunky Chase Daniel(s) at his word, he's got one hell of a supple taint as well. You know Drew's gonna be loving that.

Real honest-to-goodness scouts (sorry, Message Board Guy, that doesn't include you) have compared him to six-time Pro Bowler Matt Birk, six-time Pro Bowler Olin Kreutz and five-time Pro Bowler Jeff Saturday.

I mean, what's not to love? This guy's gonna be a fuckin' stud. He'll be crowdsourcing the Twitters for a nickname sooner than later.

And they'll probably saddle him with something stupid like "The Lanndlord." Hell, it probably won't even occur to anybody to add the extra N, which is the only vaguely clever thing about that particular option.

Then again, who am I to judge? I've been trying to get the Saints' OL dubbed "Wall Of Voodoo" since 1983, and as far as I can tell, I continue to be the only person on the planet who's amused by that. Pretty sure I'll also be the only person on the planet lobbying for the Saints to give the Victory Formation the nickname "Kneel Tennant" from this point forward. So, you know, consider the source and all.

Anyway, sure, there's nothing unreasonable about worrying over whether or not he's "ready" yet. I get it. But hell, by Saints standards, they've already brought him along slowly. Carl Nicks and Jahri Evans didn't get a redshirt year. And all indications are that a redshirt year should have been plenty of time for Tennant to get himself ready, both physically and mentally. It always has been before.

Oh, and have I mentioned that he's 8 years younger than Goodwin, and will be making less than half a million dollars this year?

Yeah. I'll take it.

There are largely-irrelevant but mildly amusing fringe benefits too. For example, should Tennant win the starting gig (and I'm pretty sure he did the moment Goodwin signed with San Francisco) the starting offensive line will consist solely of Saints draftees.

Pop quiz, hot shot: When's the last time that happened?

That would be 20 years ago. 1991. Kevin Haverdink, Jim Dombrowski, Joel Hilgenberg, Chris Port, Stan Brock. (And Richard Cooper, but he counts because he had never played for any other NFL team at the time.)

(Parenthetically, hence the parentheses: Also in 1991, the entire Saints starting defense consisted solely of guys who had never played for any other NFL team. In fact, Steve Walsh, Quinn Early and Tommy Barnhardt were the only "starters" on that team who had ever played a down for an NFL team other than the Saints. How about that?)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the start of the Matt Tennant Era. This dude is The Next Joel Hilgenberg. No sense in putting it off any longer. Hell, the argument could be made that it's already a year too late.

Oh, and I'd also like to point out that the Saints have never won a Super Bowl without a first-time starter on their offensive line. Juuuust sayin'. Science!

High five!

I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to those of you who actually listen to the tuneskis. Hey, what can I tell ya? The "See what I did there?" outweighed the relative crappiness of today's tuneski. I promise not to make a habit of it. In my defense though, the there's a whole lot of unintentional (and hilariously gay) comedy contained therein. I'm unbelievably amused. It's fabulous!

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